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Nearly one wife complete…

Just a little more and then Catherine of Aragon will be complete.

Henry VIII & Wives, May 15, 2011

I’ve started using my Tanto thread organizer for this project, since the DMC one provided with the kit doesn’t work very well with the partially used threads. I used adhesive labels to label each [...]

Another Henry update

Picture from last week, right now more than half the dress is finished. It’s really nice how fast this is stitching up – although it will slow down once I do all the backstitching for this part.

Henry VIII & Wives, April 27, 2011

Sandy Littlejohn’s Summer Ball looks really neat, another project [...]

Henry VIII & Wives update

Here’s a Henry VIII update, it’s coming along slowly with all that backstitch!

Henry VIII & Wives, April 20, 2011

My local Michaels has a lot of cross stitch kits marked down by 75%, it seems like they are getting rid of that section as it’s shrunk by a huge margin. Picked [...]

Henry VIII & Wives

Here’s my newest project, since I can’t find my working copy of the Peacock’s Lagoon pattern. I’ve always been a big fan of history, and ordered this kit last year after it got rereleased by DMC.

Henry VIII & Wives, March 18, 2011

There’s a healthy amount of backstitching, French knots and fractionals [...]