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Cirque des Cercles update

An update on Cirque des Cercles, will tackle a very large circle next:

Cirque des Cercles, October 14, 2009

Cirque des Cercles, October 14, 2009

I keep on getting ideas for new projects, but really need to finish existing ones or will never get another finish! Witches Stitches’ Elemental Cosmos is very intriguing, though I might use the navy blue aida I have already in stash rather than use black aida for it. Rachel Anderson’s Queen of Hearts is also very pretty, though I would probably only do the Quick Stitch version, stitching a whole lot of background is not very appealing.

Also got the latest issue of Cross Stitcher (UK) today, another one filled with Christmas designs. Not very interested in those at all, still have several of the projects in previous issues already kitted up. Speaking of which I never did decide what to do with the daffodil one I finished a few months ago. They also had an Art Deco lady I finished except for the beading, should pick it back up just to finish it as the lady was quite pretty.

4 comments to Cirque des Cercles update

  • I love the choice of color on the Circles. I am not sure which colours to use on my own but will be choosing shortly, of course after everything else in line. Be always in stitches.

  • Hi there – just came across your blog via the HAED blog. I absolutely love your choice of colour for CDC. I deliberated over this one when I started Ink Circles Bramble Rose but in the end went for CC Island Breeze – can’t wait to see your progress on this.

  • Justflo

    Found you blog through Lisa’s Stitching Life. Your colours are beautiful for your CDC. I have never seen this design type before so found it something quite different. I’ll be popping in Happy stitching to you from time to time to see how you are doing. In the meantime Happy Stitching to you.

    • alinna

      Thanks! If you like this type of design check out Ink Circles, they have two other charts called Cirque des Carreaux and Cirque des Triangles that are like this one, just with diamonds and triangles instead.

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